Hello girls!
If you are tired of your long jeans, now in the summer a good option is to do it short, and with the most horrible things that they sell lately in the stores, nobody will know if they are bought or we have broken them.
As you have imagined today I bring you a diy of some short jeans, well not one but two.

Customize the shorts step by step:

- The first one is a horrible pants /b> I had for centuries, these simply cut them and with a sandpaper I take out the threads, easy easy.
The second diy short is just as easy, we cut the pants wherever we want, I have measured them by another diy I made another day.
Then with a garter we simply scrape the bottom until the threads come out, if the rgos we cut them .
And finally we decorate them, I've put some tacks that I had a old belt, and a piece of fabric from the shorts diy above that I had left over. We already have some new short jeans.

In a few days I show you how they are in a casual outfit, and you are doing DIY with jeans? Kisses