Hello Beauty !!
Today I want to tell you about greenpeople a brand of feminine and organic cosmetics, this is not only organic cosmetics , but a lifestyle in which the natural prevails. They take care of 100% organic ingredients and the production process ( do not test on animals ).
This is guaranteed by the certifications of all your products , based on natural active ingredients that care for your skin and improve your wellbeing and that of those around you.
The products that I am testing are these, the ones that I have tried for now seem pretty good to me, I teach it to you so you can see how they are but I will give you my full opinion in the section "Low cost finished products" and how the envelopes you can imagine will be in a bad state I put it like that. Now that they are beautiful and worthy of teaching.
What do you think of the greenpeople brand, have you tried it? Kisses