Lip couture by être belle

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In this beauty blog I always like to show you new things, so I found it very interesting to introduce you to a brand that has come to the market again, then eventually we will discover if it's worth it or not.
I'm talking about the brand ÊTRE BELLE , which is a German company founded more than 25 years old, present in 60 countries, dedicated to the research and development of dermocosmetic treatments.

What is Etre Belle?

The mission of être belle is, first of all, improve the health of the skin and provide scientific solutions to the main causes of skin aging, as well as balance their main functions.
Of this German cosmetic brand I have this beautiful tachan tachan ... the Lip couture of êtrebelle.
Lip couture de être belle

My opinion about the Lip couture de être belle:

The beautiful packaginges is very fine and elegant. I also use it because it looks so good that it took me a lot to make the pictures because I had crazy hair and I was reflected.

Its size is 4.5 ml and lasts 6 months once it has been opened. In truth this of quedura certain time, sometimes is not usually met, usually tend to last much longer but the brand I think that puts this because it is the minimum that should dedurar.
Lip couture de être belle

It's not a lipstick, the brand says of it:

Its formula enriched with marine collagen microspheres provides antiaging and volumizing effects that slow down the process of aging of the lips.
Acts with anti-aging effect and has a filling and volumizing effect.
Cutaneous regenerator creates a filtering agent on the lips that gives flexibility and elasticity. Durable protection against external aggressions of the environment
It is a lipstick that leaves a makeup on the lips beautiful, it looks like a jewel. To give me the truth that I see a monkey can not be more beautiful.
LABIAL Lip couture de être belle

How to use the Lip couture lipstick ?

First we outline the lip with a tone much like the lipstick we're leaving to put, then with a brush we put the lipstick that we like the most.
PINTALABIOS Lip couture de être belle
We have to bear in mind that our lips are not same as the rest of our body.As our lips regenerate quickly with time they tend to decrease, so when you get older the lips diminish. It can decrease to 1 millimeter for every 5 years.
Now that you know for sure that you have entered fear and I want to take good care of your lips. Etre belle We know that women have this problem because of this has created this lipstick range lip couture . These lipsticks are innovators lipstick that take care of all lipstones even the most demanding.
They use natural and intense pigments for give a nice color and full of light.
Using these lipsticks daily we will have fully hydrated and protected lips.

How can lip couture ?

make it so easy because they contain:
Collagen microspheres , for greater cutaneous penetration, acts with anti-aging effect and provides a volumizing and filling effect.
Lipodermol, is a cutaneous regenerator, creates a protective film on the lips that gives flexibility, elasticity and lasting protection against external aggressions of the environment.
This is latextura of which I have, as you see is a very powerful lipstick and quepigmenta of wonder./div>

In short, is a lipstick that I like so much because of the color a very powerful orange that pigments wonderfully and lasts for hours and hours on the lip.

I have eaten several times with the item and even then it has not been taken away from me. A duration is one of the best I've tried.
Your package as we've seen above is beautiful or at least I think so although clear to taste colors.
What not I like that when I have it for a long time the lip is a little dry.
Although I later apply a good lip balm, usually one of carmex and it is solved.
Los colors that have these:
ALL THE LABELS OF être belle
The one I have is the number 04 , that although in the image it looks like red, you can see that it is red, it has little. That's why I want to try the 08 or the 10 to see if it is a powerful red, of those that are super sexy.
The price I can not put you exactly what it is, because they sell it in Different online and each one has a price but between 15 and 20 euros.
Although you can find it in any promotion on offer or in hairdressers that you are close to.
Did you know the words of être belle ? Have you tried the Lip couture ? Do you like me to talk about new companies in this beauty blog ?
Author: MelyssaPG, beauty and cosmetics blogger.