Manicures with brightness very easy

Hello Beauty !!
I recently showed you the enamels I had from the UNT cosmetics brand, and how In that post I did not show you how they were because the days are against me every time I paint my nails and the sun does not come out as I show you today as they are in a easy manicure.
This manicure I did not make the photo until 5 days later, I have a little head, but well you can see that they last a lot, specifically I took it off after 7 days, it had only been removed on the nail in front of typing on the computer.
It's what the bloggers have, that no matter how good the nail polish is or how beautiful the nails are, to write on the PCs end up wearing out.
Both are easy manicures , we simply paint with any base color, and then we put the glazes with glitter and star d e UNT :
These manicures have nothing special but in 5 minutes you have your nails painted, dried and ready to show off. They also add a touch of monism color.
How do you like manicures? Do you like easy manicures ? Kisses