Opinion cosmetic products Bohi spa I got broken!

Hello Beauty !!
Today I wanted to introduce you and give you my opinion on the products of the bohi spa brand , in particular of several cosmetic products ideal for women.
BOHI SPA breaks the gap and brings us the concept of Spa to beauty cabins , recreating in them the essence of genuine thermal treatments, or at least that's what you try, because as we'll see later, the tranquility may break you a bit ...

Cosmetic products review Bohi spa:

I wanted to show you all the Bohi spa products one by one but one that I can not show you, since they should change messaging since He is very careful and with these boats so fragile because they are glass to see how I get ...

The box that came was "bollada" everywhere, it could be bad luck because the same The company has brought me other packages and they came correctly but this one, one of the boats has been impossible to rescue, plus it is a danger with so many tiny crystals.

Once the box is cleaned you can already see which were the cosmetics that survived:

I give you my opinion of the small pots that are comomini carvings, of the samples not because I have not yet tested, surely you teach them in some post of "Finished products".
MINERAL DEFENSE + C ; Indicated for sensitive skin that needs a protective cream that gives them defenses against daily aggressions. Mineral Defense + C is a powerful antioxidant cream, which acts by braking environmental impact. Improves skin elasticity and firmness.
I really liked this protective cream because my skin is sensitive and it has been great for me. I really like that it is absorbed very quickly and the face is very hydrated.
MINERAL PLUS A + E/50ml; Provides a renewing action on the skin , regenerating deeply the cells, at the same time as it acts as a reflex restorer during the night. Enriched with thermal water it adapts even to the most sensitive skin.
In truth with this product I have not noticed much, it can also be because with the size of this sample has not given time to notice the changes I suppose that if you use the size of sale you can see the results, but I can not tell you that because I've only tried this mini size.
THERMAL MAKE UP REMOVE + 7 ; Eliminates all types of makeup without leaving a trace, gently cleaning the particles of impurities that accumulate in the stratum corneum. Avoid clogging the pores by improving the cutaneous breathing. Its formula respects all skin types.
I take a cotton disc I put a little of this make-up remover, and in one pass it takes all the makeup, I like it a lot.
Then I apply a good moisturizer and sleep.
THERMAL MAKE UP REMOVE EYE & LIP ; Make-up remover without attacking all kinds of eye and lip makeup, including the most resistant to water and long-lasting. The properties of its formula, composed of thermal water and minerals, ensure a smooth and effective make-up removal, while rest the look .
With this eye make-up remover, I do the same process as the previous one and take the shadows very well, even the best ones.Preview