Opinion maximiliano Jabugo

Hello girls!
Today I am going to talk about Maximiliano jabugo.
In the cradle of the best ham in the world, MAXIMILIANO JABUGO, are the dryers of MAXIMILIANO JABUGO , which since 1900, have combined unique climatic and natural conditions with an artisan tradition handed down from generation to generation.
In their farms, located in the meadows of the Sierra de Huelva and Extremadura, where they raise their pigs in full freedom, which are their guarantee and reason for being. The air of the mountains, a pinch of salt and the patience of its craftsmen are the ones who take care of the rest.

What a nice detail to dedicate myself to the book with which I have learned many things about the ham who did not know!

The Triple Equis Ham meets the expectations of the most exquisite palates. The hand cut perfumes enjoy the ham in all its splendor. In the texture, color and flavor is clear the good feeding of the pig that is raised with all the attention in an unbeatable place as is the pasture of the Sierra de Huelva and Extremadura.
And what about the ham! is not good good!

Did you know maximiliano jabugo? little kisses