Opinion on the beauty products of the Rueber brand

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Today I wanted to give you my opinion about the products of the brand Rueber , a company that was founded in 1982 at the initiative of the Director General, José María Codina, after an exhaustive investigation. Since then, they have been growing until becoming references, both nationally and internationally, in hair solutions.
The wide experience and strong position in the market of customized prosthetics, extensions, accessories, wigs and hair products, allows them to be in first line and in tune with our customers.

What products? of beauty manufacture in Rueber?

RUEBER manufactures a wide variety of items, from cosmetic products to state-of-the-art hair prostheses. Discover our wide range of products visiting this space.

These are the products that I have tried from Rueber and from the that I bring you my opinion.

My opinion on the beauty products Rueber:

Antialopectic regenerating tonic:

It is an antialopetric tonic with immediate effects on the processes of fatty and antitoxic dandruff. It is indicated for skin that is intoxicated, irritated and/or itchy, as well as for all types of greasy dandruff, and falls produced by processes of intoxicated skin.

Properties: Eliminates dandruff fat, itching, redness, pruritus. Bactericidal and fungicidal effect. Heals the epithelial sheaths and eliminates the foci of accumulation of toxins. ANTICIDAL.
My opinion: is a pretty liquid product so I stop I have changed my comfort boat and I have it in a spray. Sesde that I use it I have noticed the elimination of dandruff and itching, besides that I notice more life in my hair. I wash my hair and then I apply it with the spray.

Its size is 220 ml.

Cell regenerating cream:

Epidermal capillary cream, cellular regenerative and revitalizing for skin intoxicated, dehydrated, punished, irritated or inflamed. Also for red skin on scalp, forehead or face.

PROPERTIES: is a cellular renewal of the stratum corneum, anticouperosis and pain relieving. Leaves the skin in ideal conditions to be treated with moisturizing and nourishing products, favoring the subsequent absorption of them.
b> is indicated as a primary cream before any treatment. Renews and regenerates skin cells while moisturizing and nourishing. Cell anti-aging.
My opinion: I apply it to my hair before washing my head, I let it act for about 15 minutes and I like it a lot.

The box contains 6 units of 12 ml

If you want to buy any of these products from Rueber , I recommend you do it Amazon .

What do you think about the products of the Rueber brand ? What do you think of my opinion ? Besitos