Very easy and simple manicures for short nails

Hello Beauty !!
Now that the summer arrives we want to show off our hands and show off a manicure! that's why today I bring you 3 very little manicures to do (notice the photos look a little bad, my mobile does not do miracles).
1. The first easy manicure l is ethnic style, we all know how to make dashes and stitches. This in particular I have copied some leggings that I have this style, I just changed the colors.

2. The second easy manicure is as simple as painting them the color that we like the most and putting a few dots, does not it remind you of something? to me to the bags of shana .

To make this type of manicures easier, what I do is to make three points in the center of the nail and then two on the sides. I do the stitches with nail art punches, but if you do not have them you can do it with the back of a pin.

3. A colorful French manicure , I swear the color in front is lilac, why does it look gray? No idea, things on my mobile. I recommend gathering colors more claritos, because it is much better.

What easy manicure you liked more? Do you like manicures for short nails ? Besitos